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Would you have bought the Goggles?


I met a 75 year old man this week that by all standards has been successful in business and life. At age 55 he was downsized out of his corporate management position and twenty years later is still a sought after author, speaker, and consultant.

This man has been working hard for 68 years.  The story he shared was centered on at age 7 he was faced with the need to buy a pair of $3 white pants as part of being in a youth vocal group. $3 was well over the family budget and ranked far down the list from a roof over their head and food on the table.  Entrepreneurship was alive and well in the mid 1940’s for youngsters and on the trusted advice of a friend he sold newspapers for 5 cents to retain 2.5 cents for each paper sold.  

When you live in West Texas, as he did, you’re going to occasionally experience some dust storms. While most are short-lived dust storms on the order of 1/2 to 1 hour, larger scale wind systems can create dust storms that can last many hours or even days.  On one such occasion when the climate produced poor conditions for a couple of days due to dust the other paper boys sought shelter while this boy sought opportunity. The local hardware store carried a pair of air tight eye goggles and his purchase of these gave him a monopoly on the paper business for days. 

Today we face obstacles and challenges regardless of the industry or market we sell in.  The majority of salespeople will react similar when they are affected by the same type of adverse conditions, however some will be bold in their pursuit of opportunities.

Would you have sought shelter or would you have bought the goggles?