Monthly Archives: July 2012

Connecting at the power of 3

Your best relationship building comes when an emotional connection is made in an inclusive environment in which you deliver a memorable experience.

Let’s face it right now we are able to connect with greater ease than ever before…call, email, tweet, text, blog, skype, FB, Linkedin, and the list goes on.  More connections and touches should lead to more sales…haven’t you heard by now “sales is a numbers game”.

So is it quantity or quality we should value the most in our sales marketing? I’m not going to get into chasing my tail on that one because it requires both. I believe as sales people we can often lean towards quantity because it’s easier for us to measure.

However, Quality counts and it should exceed our customer’s expectations. I encourage you to look for opportunities to merge emotion, environment, and experience the next time your looking to close the big deal.

Working to the 3rd power will place you way ahead of your competition.