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Success will mirror your preparation

Practice is repeated preparation. My very first post was “Become Extraordinary”.  There are no short cuts if you are in pursuit of extraordinary sales results.  Your success will mirror your preparation.  It’s worth revisiting.



Lunch Hour – our most productive time at work!

In the context of inside sales and/or sales management, let’s look at an office norm…it is lunch time  and someone in the office will ask aloud to anyone in earshot “who brought lunch and who is going out today?”  Ninety – Nine percent of  the time this person did not bring their lunch and they have no plans of going alone.  So before we give a response that will obviously lead to “would you care to join me?”, we need to think before we give up this “prime time” slot in our business day.

Lunch comes at the pivotal time when half the day is in our past and the other half is in our future. Our best teacher is the past and our greatest motivation lies in our future.

Lunch definitely comes at a point in our day when we need to re-energize, re-focus, and plan for the remainder of the day.

We could skip lunch and prove ourselves as the “workaholic”, while we are feeling the beginnings of our energy running low and our stomachs growling? We don’t need to skip lunch. We need to eat to provide our body and mind the fuel it needs to work at optimum performance.  In some work environments it’s also the only “me” time we’ll ever have in our day.

We start each day with a plan and there are days every interruption, and situation goes against it.  Lunch is often like half-time of a football, basketball, or soccer game. If all is going as planned we can stay the course or if not, we have the opportunity to change the game plan…and nothing feels any sweeter than those come back victories.

There are definitely those circumstances that call for a working lunch. Just never forget that lunch is a lot more than a sandwich or salad…it’s an opportunity. In fact it can be the greatest opportunity in our business day!