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SYZYGY a word to align yourself with

SYZYGY Sizz-uh-Gee                                                          

Sixty days ago a new friend of mine gave me a book he wrote, SYZYGY Living a Powerfully Aligned Life, Johnnie C. Goodwin. I found this book and word to be a blessing to me and I feel motivated to share syzygy with you.

Syzygy is an alignment that produces extra power. In astronomy, syzygy is when the earth, moon, and sun are in alignment.  This happens twice a month at new moon and at full moon. This is when gravity exerts exceptional power.

On December 26, 2004 you may remember an 8.9 magnitude quake occurred that produced tsunamis that resulted in the death of over 300,000 people. What you might not have known is at that time Jupiter, Venus, Earth, Moon, and Sun all came in line and syzygy was a factor.  If alignment can have such effects on the physical world just think of how much impact it can have when applied to business.

We are more familiar with the word synergy and have witnessed its emergence as a common buzz word in the business environment.  It’s a word that is found in mission statements, company names, business solutions, partnerships, and visions.

Synergy means working together while syzygy literally means paired together.

The origin of syzygy is from the Greek words sun “with” and zugos “yoke” so combined is yoked together, paired, aligned, united, or bound. 

I’m asking you to think beyond synergy and seek syzygy in both your internal and external relationships.  There are already a number of consulting companies that use syzygy to refer to their talents in aligning and matching business requirements to technology solutions. Now businesses are using syzygy to identify alignment, convergence, linkage, symmetry, and the harnessing of energy and power.

In applying syzygy to sales look at the alignment between salesperson, sales manager, and executive leaders.  Examine how well your actions are aligned with the mission statement and values of your company. Look at how well aligned your product and service are with the needs of your customers. 

I have highlighted SYZYGY in this post above the more familiar synergy but the best results come when we can combine both: aligned relationships and working together.

In my next post I’ll take you a step further into “Syzygy in the Workplace”.