Do you have enough geek in your sales step?

I can’t sell and I can’t manage sales today like I did yesterday.

Sales professionals have to produce results and our sales superstars of yesterday may or may not be our superstars of tomorrow. Technology is often left out the conversation when we discuss the differences between our top sales performers and the remainder of our sales team.

Today’s clients expect and demand performance from whomever they do business with. Technology and innovation contribute to improved analysis, organization, productivity, delivery, and overall customer experience. We often want to separate sales and technology by calling one an art and the other a science. Reality is the two are commingled as effective sales provide both an efficient process and solves a problem or fulfils a customer’s need.

We leverage technology in all areas of our business and the sales team must be an extension of our business to be viewed as a “resource”.

Technology includes hardware, software, systems, CRM’s, computers and smart devices. Innovations in technology allow automation, analysis, expediency, and delivery options that improve productivity in sales.

Business moves fast and we can’t afford not to keep pace. Experience, knowledge, ideas and creative approaches in selling will always be in high demand but that alone will not get us there in the future.

Sure salespeople still need to identify a need, offer a solution, get the order, deliver on time and follow up to assure they met the client’s expectations.

It’s imperative as sales people we continue to embrace advancements in technology. Sales growth drives our companies forward and our companies will drive our economy. When we match our talents with technological innovations we will gain sustained, predictable and efficient results that we can all prosper from.


About Richard Scudder

I possess a passion to see others succeed in sales. After 25 years of sales and sales management it is with confidence I say “it is direction, not perfection” that counts. I partner with organizations to improve the performance of their sales associates. My clients and I share in common investing in their greatest resource “their people”. I facilitate motivational training that is fun, unique and creates a positive impact on sales performance. For more information on training sessions or speaking before your group contact me. 615-440-7219

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