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The Buyer’s 4 Step Process

Taking pride in being a continual learner and always searching for excellent sales material I want to share Deb Calvert, President, Peoples First Productivity Solutions blog post “Sales Professionals: What about the Buyer’s Process?”

Deb keeps it simple as she explains…..

Every sales training program and book about increasing sales offers a sales process. These step-by-step processes help sellers to orient themselves and move through a logical progression from opening the sale all the way through to closing the sale.

Having a sales process is a good practice.

Knowing and following your buyer’s process is an even better practice.

The buyer’s process is simple, and it’s universal. Every time you plan to buy something, you follow exactly this same process. It applies when you’re making an impulse purchase like a pack of gum at the checkout counter. It also applies, unchanged, when you make a major purchase that takes months of research and planning.

The buyer’s process works like this:

Before anyone ever buys anything, they must first have an awareness that it exists. Further, the buyer needs to be interested in the item. If that interest builds into desire, a buyer may then (and only then!) take action to acquire the item.


Recapping, the buyer’s process is this:



Like it or not, no sales process will ever operate independently of the buyer’s process. Ideally, the sales process should track right alongside the buyer’s process. A savvy seller will be tuned in to gauge where the buyer is and will recognize the early signs of interest. In response to the buyer’s interest, the smart seller will help build and magnify desire by showcasing relevant and personalized benefits. And, when the time is right, the seller will advance to a close at the moment when the buyer is ready to take action…..

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