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Batter Up!

Pete Rose had 4256 hits in 14,053 at bats in his baseball career.  With his well-documented scandal-ridden past his character can be On Deck Circlequestioned, but no one can question if Pete was ready every time he stepped up to the plate.  His track record of performance at the plate supports he was prepared.

If you have been in sales how many “at bats” have you had and how prepared were you each time?  If you are in a sales environment making just 10 calls a day in a 240 day work year you blew past 14,053 in less than 6 years.  Regardless of rather you are well above or well below 14,000 sales calls the one thing we can all agree on is each sales call mattered.

For baseball players there is the on deck circle where the batter will: assess the situation; assess who he will be facing; get his timing down; and take a few practice swings.

What is your routine before you make each sales call? Do you know your customer’s needs? Do you know you audience? Do you know where they are in the sales cycle? Have you rehearsed what you are going to say and how you are going to present?

I believe there are far too many times we don’t spend time in the on deck circle before we pick up the phone, meet face to face, or walk into the meeting room.  If you are not properly prepared or you simply think you are good at “winging it” you will not get either the results you desire or that your employer demands.

Batter Up!