Got Sales Talent?

Talent…you better have some of it in something if you want to be extremely successful.  After watching game 7 of the NBA finals I’vetalent concluded that Lebron guy has a little talent on the court.  In perspective anyone drawing a paycheck in the NBA has some talent, but still it’s obvious some get more out of theirs than others.

I was once a gym rat playing hours upon hours of BBall, but what little talent I had on the court couldn’t take me beyond my 20’s and church league.  Most people figure out when they simply don’t have enough talent in one area they move onto something else. This seems to hold true across most professions with the exception of SALES.

Look at how many choose medical school and never become doctors or nurses. How many people pack up their guitar and travel to Nashville (home town shout out) to become a singer and/or songwriter that never make it. The person that’s short of talent in math probably won’t be an organizations next CFO. We are all limited to a certain degree by the talents we have and some things we just aren’t build for.

On the positive side it’s often our limitations that motivate us to improve.  Through experience, training, determination, and practice most of us can acquire and possess enough talent to stay in sales.  But those with just enough talent to stay in the game are who you want selling for your competitors. If you strive for and your company demands success you must be that next level up sales person.

Over time sales stats don’t lie. Ask yourself are your sales results consistently improving? Are you closing more than most of your peers? Does the competition know who you are? If you can’t answer these self-imposed questions with a resounding YES you might lack the talent required. Lacking present talent doesn’t mean you need to change professions. Passion and work ethic can carry you a long ways but its talent that will put you over the top.

I hope you’ll think about the talents you possess.  Just like in the NBA, I’m sure in your profession there are not to many Lebrons, however there’s a certain amount of talent you must have to compete. I hope these thoughts help you push yourself to be the best you can be in sales.


About Richard Scudder

I possess a passion to see others succeed in sales. After 25 years of sales and sales management it is with confidence I say “it is direction, not perfection” that counts. I partner with organizations to improve the performance of their sales associates. My clients and I share in common investing in their greatest resource “their people”. I facilitate motivational training that is fun, unique and creates a positive impact on sales performance. For more information on training sessions or speaking before your group contact me. 615-440-7219

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