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The motivation to get back on the roller coaster

When you get on a good roll in sales it’s a ride unlike anything else you’ll experience in business. In basketball shooters describe a Roller Coaster skiimageshigh percentage night as the basket just looked larger. Other great performances are often described by the feeling of having been in a zone. I’m confident it’s close to the feeling surfers get when they catch the perfect wave.

Unfortunately however it never last forever. Eventually the ball rims out, the zone disappears, and all waves crash.

In sales with the end of a good ride comes a certain amount of rejection (those ugly words NO THANK YOU), transactions that didn’t close, prospects that disappeared, and a diminished pipeline that equates to a smaller paycheck in the very near future.

No doubt about it sales is a roller coaster ride, but when that coaster comes to a stop the successful sales people get right back in line to ride it again.

What’s their motivation? Is it just the thrill and money or is it more?  I’m confident it’s more as once we’ve been selling long enough there are other motivations that keep us engaged and in pursuit of the next YES or that next good ride.

For the most part I have found top sales people to be well educated, highly experienced, and extremely motivated.

You can’t take away a person’s education or experience, but things can erode a person’s motivation. Most sales people will stay motivated if they have the belief they can be successful, recognized and rewarded. In addition it helps when they have a strong understanding of what they are selling, who their customer is, and what value their product or service delivers.

If all this is in place why is sales still such a roller coaster?

Because there’s customers, competitors, and internal as well as external complexities that contribute to the ups in downs in sales. As a manager you can motivate your sales team the most by providing a supportive and encouraging environment on a daily basis. It’s the sales manager that can best reinforce their confidence when they most need it.

My next few post will expand on ways sales managers can best help their teams stay motivated through the challenges they will inevitably face.

I originally wrote this post coincidentally on Friday evening about the same time news broke that a person lost their life in a tragic fall from a roller coaster at Six Flags – Texas. I am sensitive to that event and chose not to publish this post until several days had passed. 



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One Step in the right direction

One step in the right direction is worth 100 years of thinking about it.

Thanks Glenn Folkes for the reminder:

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