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Motivated by a “Practical Speaker”

Not long ago I attended an industry convention and like most it was comprised of classes, meetings, forums, trade show exhibits,Practical Speaker and networking opportunities. My personal agenda was heavy on meeting new people and networking as this specific convention was in a relatively new space for me. Though somehow in a moment of weakness I got coaxed into attending one of the sessions not on my agenda.  How did that happen?…when this convention was held at a nice resort and this 2:00 – 4:00 pm prime time slot represented a loss of a well-deserved break, ocean view, and pool side tiki bar.

Sure enough shortly after a session sponsor greeting the first speaker gets up and as you would expect is high energy, humorous, and captivating. Though I’m still sitting close enough to the back that I haven’t yet ruled out my exit strategy. It’s seriously upper 70’s and no Tony Robbins wannabe or second coming of Chris Farley’s Down By The River is probably going to hold me down in a session that’s not going to provide me the personal interaction and networking opportunities of poolside.

I’ve truly began to make my move at the same time I hear the speaker say “I’m not a motivational speaker, I’m a practical speaker”. It catches my attention just long enough that I sit back down closing the quarter inch gap that a second ago separated my bottom from the seat of my chair. My response wasn’t so much – you have me, but was more – prove it! I’m 52 and though I haven’t heard it all, I’ve heard it all. I’ve heard former U.S. Presidents, successful CEO’s, Hall of Fame coaches and athletes, and true life heroes, and one thing I was confident of is this speaker was none of the above.

At the heart of what motivates me is to give me something practical. Practical doesn’t mean safe or the norm, but it means something that I can do or use rather than unproven theories and grandeur ideas. Practical can challenge. Practical can motivate. Practical can require innovation. Practical can be genius. Practical steps can lead to amazing results.

In keeping form with the topics of my blog. In sales what always sells best is the practical delivery of practical products and solutions.

Giving credit the speaker of this occasion


Take Action Now not Later

In Consultative Sales simple can still work! Ask your potential customers about their needs and challenges…then listen to what they nowsay…and respond with your best solution. Don’t over think it –  JUST DO IT….TAKE ACTION!

Take action and experience more immediate success…Simple works it’s just that simple.