A fantastic NEW YEARS RESOLUTION FOR 2014 would be to LEARN MORE than in any prior year. Great sales people never Learnstop learning. They devour as much information about their craft as they can. If sales is your craft the question is how much time EACH day will you spend researching, reading, listening, or watching things that are specifically sales related?

I suggest 45 minutes to 1 hour a day doing just that. One of the best things about the sales profession is we are never too experienced or knowledgeable to learn more. The real trick to being great sales people is to never stop learning and challenging ourselves to improve.

Don’t take the time each day but MAKE the time. I like to start off the day with new knowledge or re-knowledge.

A few areas where content can be explored are websites, blogs, SM, electronic or print articles, reports, white papers, case studies, trade magazines, books, audio tapes, television, radio, and last but certainly not least real live people. You get there’s no short coming of content so what you have to guard against is paralysis by analysis and spending ½ you’re learning time deciding what it is you need to learn. You need to learn anything that’s new or adds an additional layer of understanding.

In reference to people I ask: do you observe your mentors, peers, and your competition? Who do you engage and spend time with while at work? Who do you bounce ideas off of? Who do you practice or role play with? Who do you seek out for advice? Who’s in your corner that you can always trust?

I hope you will have a great and prosperous 2014 and it starts with at least 45 minutes on your next business day’s calendar dedicated to learning.


About Richard Scudder

I possess a passion to see others succeed in sales. After 25 years of sales and sales management it is with confidence I say “it is direction, not perfection” that counts. I partner with organizations to improve the performance of their sales associates. My clients and I share in common investing in their greatest resource “their people”. I facilitate motivational training that is fun, unique and creates a positive impact on sales performance. For more information on training sessions or speaking before your group contact me. scudderperformancepartners@gmail.com 615-440-7219

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