Feedback…do you always want it?

Even though I’ve been in sales for a long time I still need to stay on top of things, including myself. A good evaluation can sometimesFeedback be hard but it’s essential to becoming better. I still find the more comfortable I get with being uncomfortable and putting myself out there the more I learn. Every now and then, you need to ask someone you trust to shoot it to you straight, to sit in on one of your sales calls and give you feedback afterwards.

All feedback, even if it stings a little, is positive as long as you learn from it.


About Richard Scudder

I possess a passion to see others succeed in sales. After 25 years of sales and sales management it is with confidence I say “it is direction, not perfection” that counts. I partner with organizations to improve the performance of their sales associates. My clients and I share in common investing in their greatest resource “their people”. I facilitate motivational training that is fun, unique and creates a positive impact on sales performance. For more information on training sessions or speaking before your group contact me. 615-440-7219

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