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marketing gives your product flavor

Marketing is like heat to a pot of chili. Regardless of how good the ingredients if you don’t heat it up you are not going to have many people in line to taste your chili.pot of chili


What makes a successful business?

A successful business is half customer acquisition and half customer retention.50_50

It’s not supposed to be easy

It's not supposed to be easy

True Statement

Business doesn’t begin until somebody sells something

Business doesn’t begin until somebody sells something

Business doesn’t begin until somebody sells something

“Don’t compare your inside to someone else’s outside”

In sales we often find ourselves in a competitive environment. If we are one of many that make up a sales team weDon't Compare are sure to find ourselves in a dollar, unit or transaction ranking. If we are the only one selling as an owner or solopreneur then we will inevitably rank ourselves against competitors that are selling the same type product or service. Sales is competitive and when there is a competition you can bet there is a scoreboard or time clock nearby.

The first and most natural common benchmark we get judged or judge ourselves on is how my sales stacks up against others. It can be a fair assessment at times and lord knows there is no shortage of analytics to draw conclusions from. My word of caution is that most of the time things simply are not always as they appear. If you hang around in sales long enough I can guarantee you’re going to have some high highs and some really low lows.
I try my best to know my competition rather its internal or external competitors but the one person I always know I know better is me. That’s why I find comfort in “Don’t compare your inside to someone else’s outside” – unknown. If I know I’m giving it 100%. If I know I’m exploring and learning. If I know I’m progressing. If I know I have passion. I’ll take that over what I think I know about the sales person that ranks a position above me.

Focus on the Positive today…I did

I like ending the work week on a positive just as S. Anthony Iannarino does in his recent blog post YOU GET WHATPositives YOU FOCUS ON

“If you focus on creating opportunities, you will produce new opportunities. And those opportunities will provide you with growth and success. If that’s what you focus on.”

“If you focus on success, you will produce success. It may not be as fast as you want it to be. It may not be the straight line upwards that you want. And may not be anywhere as easy for you as it is for someone else. But if you focus on success, you will most assuredly produce it.”

Anthony shares as much validation of what we will get from negative focus and he does on what we will gain through positive focus.

For the full effect invest 1 minute (yes I timed it) of this day and read

Show and Tell?

The best sales managers and trainers do more showing than telling

The best sales managers and trainers do more showing than telling

Marketers Ruin Everything

Habits have changed. I think it’s easier said if I share this 56 seconds of Gary Vaynerchuk for those that still need a sense of urgency when it comes to implementing a multi-media approach to marketing. One thing for sure is that you’re not going to just meet your prospects and customers at their mailbox and inbox.

Front of the line, who’s coming with me?

You have heard it before “hey buddy the line starts in the rear”. Through the first half of my 53 years on earth IFront of Line have to say I pretty much complied with that request, however something clicked one day and I thought not so fast should I conform to that line of thinking.

I get that if I’m at the movie theater, the department of motor vehicles, or waiting at the Doctors office I’m behind those in front of me and I patiently wait my turn.

On the other hand at work if I’m the last hired in my department or into my position I should not expect those ahead of me get promoted first.

At school if you just enrolled in classes you should not expect those a semester or two ahead of you taking the minimum full time class load or changing their majors to graduate ahead of you.

When you graduate and interview for that first “real job” your attitude should be the most recent person interviewed (You) should be hired ahead of those that interviewed ahead of you.

Elite athletes that trained longer don’t finish for very long ahead of elite athletes that trained harder.

In sales the leaderboard (rankings) rarely coincides with tenure.

The more I thought about it I came to the conclusion that the line that starts in the rear are for those that are comfortable in the back, but not for a front runner like me. I’m not looking for the easy path but I will take full advantage of a smarter shorter path. At my age I don’t have time to start at the back of the line when it comes to professional pursuits.

The warp speed version of my personal situation is in 2008-09 I got laid off from a great job at a great company in the not so great Economic down turn that hit the mortgage banking industry hard. Like others similarly effected I got some bumps and bruises before I landed back on my feet. The next path I chose was part-time healthcare recruiting while I pursued to further my education. I closed 3 out of 4 positions the first time I got at a real recruiting “at bat” with a client. I changed schools for a more accelerated degree program and graduated ahead of schedule. My most recent path finds me in the marketing automation technology space selling and consulting my friends back in mortgage banking. Not bad for someone that could have took it easy in the rear of the technology line.

Regardless of your age next time you are pursuing something worthwhile come join me at the front of the line.

Top performers never see it as 50/50

5050 ball