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marketing gives your product flavor

Marketing is like heat to a pot of chili. Regardless of how good the ingredients if you don’t heat it up you are not going to have many people in line to taste your chili.pot of chili


Marketers Ruin Everything

Habits have changed. I think it’s easier said if I share this 56 seconds of Gary Vaynerchuk for those that still need a sense of urgency when it comes to implementing a multi-media approach to marketing. One thing for sure is that you’re not going to just meet your prospects and customers at their mailbox and inbox.

Do you speak this language?

Social Media Acronyms we know or should know.Social Media

The first eight acronyms I bet you know because it’s 2014 and you’ve either heard or read them with enough frequency whether you’re still holding onto your email address or you communicate more with an @ in front of your name.

DM, FB, G+, IG, ISP, LI, RT and SM

Now if you know 100% of the next eight acronyms there is hope that you’ve not yet been left behind or totally out of the loop.


Now for extra credit if you’re 16 of 16 how about…API, CMGR, RTD, UGC.

This isn’t about going 10 for 20 or 20 for 20, but it is to remind us there is social media language that is now spoken across all business lines and all levels of the organization. It’s no longer kept inclusive to the IT or marketing department.

DM – Direct Message, FB – Facebook, G+ – Google Plus, IG – Instagram, LI – Linkedin, RT – Retweet and SM – Social Media

CPC – Cost Per Click, CTR – Click Through Rate, ESP – Email Service Provider, KPI – Key Performance Indicator, PPC – Pay Per Click, RSS – Really Simple Syndication, SaaS – Software as a Service and SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

API – Application Program Interface, CMCR – Community Manager, RTD – Real Time Data and UGC – User Generated Content