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Focus on the Positive today…I did

I like ending the work week on a positive just as S. Anthony Iannarino does in his recent blog post YOU GET WHATPositives YOU FOCUS ON

“If you focus on creating opportunities, you will produce new opportunities. And those opportunities will provide you with growth and success. If that’s what you focus on.”

“If you focus on success, you will produce success. It may not be as fast as you want it to be. It may not be the straight line upwards that you want. And may not be anywhere as easy for you as it is for someone else. But if you focus on success, you will most assuredly produce it.”

Anthony shares as much validation of what we will get from negative focus and he does on what we will gain through positive focus.

For the full effect invest 1 minute (yes I timed it) of this day and read


Feedback…do you always want it?

Even though I’ve been in sales for a long time I still need to stay on top of things, including myself. A good evaluation can sometimesFeedback be hard but it’s essential to becoming better. I still find the more comfortable I get with being uncomfortable and putting myself out there the more I learn. Every now and then, you need to ask someone you trust to shoot it to you straight, to sit in on one of your sales calls and give you feedback afterwards.

All feedback, even if it stings a little, is positive as long as you learn from it.