5 “LIVE” training sessions that will improve the performance of your sales team

Difference Makers – gain the competitive edge and discover the differences that count. This session will leave your team ready to execute in the key areas that make the biggest differences to your customer.

Winning Customers – It is ALL about your customers…after this session your team will be able to prospect, gain, and retain customers…learn the common principles to win over both new and existing customers…and how to deepen your customers trust in you.

Be the Resource – Learn how you become viewed as the “value added” resource, while your competition becomes viewed as the salesperson…this session separates your team from your competition…as a natural extension of your customer you start closing sales while your competition is left on the outside looking in.

Common STRAND.

Sales Trends Revolve Around Need Discovery -solution based selling that applies to all products and services…to B2B and B2C…to all industries…this session will guide your team to the core needs of your customers…their selling will always be on target.

80/20 Rule – It is 80 percent about their need and 20 percent about everything else. Price is one factor in the purchase decision…however in this session your sales team will learn 4 value based influences that will make price a secondary factor.

Each session is two hours. To get a more detailed overview of any or all the sessions content email request to:


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