Richard’s sales experience is first hand and offers a real world perspective on how to raise your sales performance.

You will not leave with a handbook, DVD, or sore neck and eyes from looking at a Power Point.  You will leave re-energized, motivated, and ready to put some great ideas into action.  While sales is serious stuff – in 25 years of sales and sales mangement there has been plenty of humor.

No matter if your selling environment is: B2B, B2C, product or service, short or long sales cycle, outside or inside,  volume or big ticket……don’t over complicate it. Richard shares experiences and stories (all true) that will entertain and add value to your event.

Something you will hear from Richard is going to resonate with each person and change their forward approach to sales. 

Richard is that person you will identify with.  He has  never had  a TV show or played professional sports….not selling books or DVD’s….made his living selling not telling (as in career trainer)….He can honestly relate to your team and they can relate to him. It’s a win -win.

Before you choose a speaker for your next meeting, conference, or event contact Richard so you can get a dose of his reality and see he might just be exactly who you need.


All inquiries will promptly be responded to.


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